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August 30, 2014
Unglaublich! #Paderborn hat 4 Punkte und den #HSV geschlagen #scp #scpaderborn #fussball #1bundesliga #bundesliga #pb #nurderscp #heldengebennieauf

Unglaublich! #Paderborn hat 4 Punkte und den #HSV geschlagen #scp #scpaderborn #fussball #1bundesliga #bundesliga #pb #nurderscp #heldengebennieauf

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August 27, 2014
Abendunterhaltung 😱 #alluremagazine #allure #vanityfair #vanityfairmagazine #fotografie #photography #magazines #reading

Abendunterhaltung 😱 #alluremagazine #allure #vanityfair #vanityfairmagazine #fotografie #photography #magazines #reading

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August 24, 2014
#zara #schal @zaragermany #newin #gelb #scarf #yellow #beige #grau #grey OMG, er ist soooooo flauschig!

#zara #schal @zaragermany #newin #gelb #scarf #yellow #beige #grau #grey OMG, er ist soooooo flauschig!

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August 18, 2014
"there has been an exemplary collaboration between HRH The Crown Princess and the Trade and Development Ministry to get the conference to Denmark. The Crown Princess has worked hard behind the scenes (to get the conference to Dk) and I think it also had an impact on that the conference landed in Denmark and not in the Netherlands, which was our main competitor in the end, "said Mogens Jensen. " love how she has an impact. I had also read Frederik being a key figure it getting other events to DK
asks Anonymous


They both work really hard to bring events to Denmark, its awesome to see how hard they work for causes that they care about!

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August 17, 2014
Notable locations in Greek mythology
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we always like to use the word “peasants” when it comes to our fave royals and their sass to others, especially when the little ones do it. and i just need it to be known that i officially have my fave 'peasant' moment: 


she even fucking rolled her eyes. IM DONE SHE’S MY QUEEN BYE

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Just your daily reminders:

And most importantly,

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Going for a walk. || 2012

Has someone edited this on or is she wearing full on makeup just for a walk?!

It just looks like daily makeup there are ladies that won’t go to the grocery store without a Full Face. And they aren’t even a duchess xD

Hahahaha she can wear makeup wherever she wants. I’m wearing full makeup right now and I’m sitting on my couch in shorts and a t-shirt and not planning to step foot outside of my house for the rest of the day.

In 2012, she already knew that she would be followed by paps everywhere. I would wear a full face of makeup if I were in her shoes. Matter of fact, I hardly leave the house without makeup! And if she would have left the house without makeup, she would be criticised for going bare faced, as she should have known that paps will be there!

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^^ Here’s an explanation when people accuse the Vatican of having too much wealth and neglecting the poor. (full source here)

People who insist the church should sell its treasures - preserved for the good of all - are improvident. It’s akin to suggesting a productive fruit tree be destroyed to burn the wood for a night or two.” (+)

See also: Should the Catholic Church Sell St. Peter’s Basilica to Help the Poor? (Kathy Schiffer explains 4 key reasons why selling all is NOT the approach mandated by the Scriptures.)

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